Monday, November 14, 2011

Jolanta...the dog whisperer

November 14, 2011...

I just told our housekeeper, Jolanta, that we are moving. Jolanta is from Lithuania, she moved to England with her husband two years ago to start a new life. She has an 18 year old son who has stayed behind, he tried living here but realised his heart belongs in Lithuania. We have connected and I have been here before. What starts as housekeeping soon expands to dog walking, house sitting and then babysitting. We are off to Australia in a few weeks...she will move in while we are gone to keep things on track.

I told her we were moving...and her face dropped. She tells us often how much she loves looking after our home and family. Our dog, Tika, does double spins in the air when she sees Jolanta at the door. Jolanta is a dog whisper...she whispers to her all day long, I don't know what she says but our dog is as loyal to her as any other.

This is the first step...I write about it because that is what you do in a diary. Someday I will reflect, as I pick up the threads of my life in a new country and weave a new story.

I finished my talk with Jolanta by saying..who knows, we could be back again, sooner than you think. We will hope together. :)

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  1. So sad to leave behind people you care for...does Jolanta have a computer...does she know about your fun for her to stay connected with you here!