Sunday, November 20, 2011

Packing and my Pashley

Thinking about my English bike (notes on my Love Affair here) and if I would have any luck riding it on the streets of Ho Chi Minh. My guess is that anyone who has been there would think I was dreaming....
I am going to have to decide whether to take it with us to Vietnam. We plan to put most of our contents in storage and ship it to Australia where we plan to move after our posting in Vietnam. The bike is on the list. Should I or shouldn't I take it with us to Vietnam? I think I should... Adventures on my English Pashley Vietnam. There is bound to be at least one opportunity, wouldn't you think? I may not be brave enough to tackle the ambitions of the person in the photo above...but I think a flower basket shot on the back of my bike might work....

I wonder if our dog, Tika, would ride in it.... :)

Decisions, decisions....should I take my bike or 
pack it up for the next stop on the Expat Express?  
What say you?

My Pashley :)
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