Sunday, November 6, 2011

spin the globe and a postscript

"Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" (Theatre of the World) c. 1570 

We are spinning the globe at the moment as we await news on our next assignment overseas. Rather, my head is spinning as we await the news. This is all happening a bit too soon for me. We are only coming up to two years in England. It will have been our shortest posting so far. So here I sit...waiting to spill the beans. I have been here before. I nearly blurted out six months ago that we were moving to Central America...but we are not. I nearly blurted out three months ago that we were moving to Switzerland...but now we are not. I nearly blurted out two weeks ago that we were staying in London...but we are not.  Can you see my point? Until we know for certain.... 

It is Friday, the day when most news is announced. Mr. H is coming home early. What could it be this time? I have an idea, but I can't say for certain. To help keep my sanity, I am playing a guessing game with my friends on Facebook. I provide a few clues and they give me their guess. It has been an interesting trip and a lot of fun for me.  Care to join in? Here are the clues so far....get ready to play 'spin the globe' to see where the H's will live next...

Mr. H is thrilled...Mrs. H is speechless
The country has red in it's flag
English is not it's first language
On the globe, it is a long thin country bordering an ocean
It lies between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer
Another clue coming shortly, any guesses so far?

Before I sign off for the night, I want to thank you all forseeing me through the week with your thoughtful comments. I have closed down one blog, merged another and have changed my look countless times. It has helped to keep me 'grounded' and your comments have made all the difference.

For that I send a big thank you!
Best wishes for an adventurous weekend to one and all!

Jeanne :)x


UPDATE... are off to Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh) in the latter half of 2012. 
Thinking on Vietnam and, travel, silk, antiques,
photography, voluteer work...the list is starting. :)

My first thought went to this movie..if you are just waking up, Good Morning!

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