Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thank You Millie!

I started blogging two years ago, with our move from New Zealand to England. If you blog, you may recall that feeling when people first start commenting on your blog. It is pure joy.  Millie @ The Laurel Hedge  by way of the Adelaide Hills in Australia was one of those people. Mother to five boys with a talented 'Partner-in-Renovating', (MOTH), she is an absolute delight. I am just as happy today to read her posts and comments as I was two years ago. She honored me with this post recently.... I am so very touched. I know I will come back to it many times...and for that I send my sincere thanks to Millie. :)

12 November, 2011

Many of us read this week that our dear Bloggie mate Jeanne & her family over at Collage of Life have received news of their next posting. They are off to live in Vietnam in 2012. In her inimitable style, she's up for the challenge, so here's a little taste of what's to come Jeanne - from my very favourite homewares company Vagabond Vintage. Full screen & volume on & I promise you'll be transported to this magical destination in a heartbeat. It's the weekend, so go enjoy!"

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  1. I am afraid I am stalking your blog on this Friday night! I know, I am so exciting. I was thinking about this amazing move to Vietnam and what that might be like. I also was frustrated with the humidity in the air (December!!) today as I tried to dress in some fashionable winter attire so I thought I would escape to blog land. That video is so sweet from your friend Millie. It is going to be such an adventure!