Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vietnam in Photos

Today I am doing a bit of forward thinking. I am laying the groundwork for our move to 
Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) next year and decided I should first see where it is actually located.  I am not sure why I thought it was an island...I now stand corrected. It helps to get your geography in 
perspective when you are making a move. :) 

Mr. H handed me an enormous document to read that will tell me all I need to know. 
Being a visual person, I like to look at the photos first and read the copy last. 
This document does not have decided to find my own.

I admit, I went for the nicest photos first but it is early days...
I am getting myself motivated and to do so...
I have to do it my way. :)

I don't know about you...but I am starting to think Vietnam will be 
an interesting place to live. I also think I am going to need lots of visitors 
to show around. We can go sightseeing, take cooking classes, 
take the cameras for a spin, do a bit of spa hopping, go shopping in the markets.....
how does Jeanne's Vietnam Bloggers Tour sound? Any takers?

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