Sunday, November 6, 2011

where in the world?

The first question I had to ask myself is 'where in the world is Vietnam?'. I had a vague idea but when it comes to Asia it is like playing a game of darts in my mind....and I always miss the target. We played a guessing game with friends before we announced where we were moving to Vietnam. There had been so many locations suggested prior to this that I did not want to announce it until we were absolutely certain. Even as I write, I still think that things could change again. What is ever certain in life? I will leave that thought as is.

One of our clues was that it was a thin long country bordering an ocean. We will be living in Ho Chi Minh City...bordering the South China Sea. I am excited to think of the travel possibilities when I look at this map. I could apply a dozen little markers to the places I would like to visit during our time living in Vietnam. I might as well start now: Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Burma, with visits back to China and India. That is a lot to think about on a Sunday morning before my first cup of coffee.

 I will leave it on that thought....until the next one...


  1. Jeanne, you might want to follow this blog. I'll see if I can cut and paste it here. It is an American photographer and his wife who travel and write articles for Saveur and other top magazines in Asia. He also does guided tours of cities in Malaysia.

  2. Dear Jeanne, have been reading your last few posts with great interest and excitement! Looking forward to sharing your journey as you get ready for another wonderful chapter of this expat sure it will be a great success and your experience will be a rewarding, fun and enriching one...all good wishes, love susie x

  3. Thanks so much for your comments ladies! Your excitement makes me excited, thank you!

  4. Hi Jeanne, I lived in SE Asia and would be happy to share my haunts and contacts. You are going to have a blast!

  5. Jeanne,

    I was just reminded as I read through your posts thatin my old life as a research assistant at the Library of Congress I did a rather lengthly paper on the Spratley Islands in the South China Sea.

    I am excited to see all of your preparation here.

    Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth