Friday, January 6, 2012

Tika travels the globe...

It's a dogs world...

I am not sure which is more stressful, moving your family and household contents or moving your pet across the globe. I would have to go with pet. Our beloved springer spaniel, Tika, was born in Victoria, Australia. We were living in Sydney at the time and were in search of the perfect puppy for our family.
We had recently jumped off the 'expat express', bought a house and were staying put for a while..or so we thought.  A few years on, we moved to New Zealand...a relatively easy move for us all. 'Like for like' is what I would say, although, I know many Aussies and Kiwis who would beg to differ. Let's just say we were in the same hemisphere.

A few years on...England, oh dear, now that would be a change...and it was. The photos on this post were taken, one snowy cold morning, on the day she was dropped off at our home in Surrey. Her New Zealand dog tags were dangling from her collar as she looked upon the vast whiteness around her. Let's just say, there were lots of giggles from our family as she discovered snow for the first time. 

And here we go Vietnam. This one is is not a dog friendly nation...or so I hear. On top of which, rabies is common. I have been in deep consultation with the pet moving company to sort this all out. My biggest worry, is her age. She is nine years old. I know she can make the journey to Vietnam...but what about the next spot? There will be strict quarantine laws leaving Vietnam to our next home. Vietnam is a 'Non-Approved Country' in the eyes of many countries. Quarantine will be at least three months. At 12-13 years of age? Will she make it? If you are a dog owner, you can see my concern.

Even thought she drives me mad sometimes, 
I can not imagine life without her. I will have faith.

If you are moving your pet around the world, speak to your Veterinarian first. They can find out about vaccinations shots etc... I suggest you get as early a start as possible. We had to start Tika on vaccination program, nine months before leaving New Zealand. Every country is different. At the end
of the day, you are putting the welfare of your dog into the pet transport company. You want to be sure
it is one you are comfortable with. We can only imagine what our dogs must feel like, you will want to
ensure it is the safest and most comfortable transition possible.

Here we to get another stamp in Tika's pet passport. 
I have been meaning to write a story about Tika for our family.
'Tika Travels the Globe'. I must put that on the 'To Do' list when
we settle in Vietnam. :)



  1. Oh Jeanne, I swear I got teary eyed reading Tika's story. Having just gone through this with our dog Buffy, I'd say even applying for my U.K. Visa was easier than dealing with Buffy's big move. My biggest stress was my stupidity of allowing her rabies vaccine to expire by 2 days!! The person that saved the day for us (well 2 actually) was my good friend Irene who works for the Norwegian Consulate. She knew of a British woman who has transported pets for 30 years who lived in Houston. If it were not for 'Jane', Buffy who be still in the U.S. and us here, horribly sad without her.

    In our case, our vet knew very little. Great vet but was shocked that he didn't keep up with what's needed; especially living in an area that has a high # of expats due to the Oil industry.

    My husband said that Buffy will never leave Scotland. Very scary to hear. He thinks it was just too much for her. I'll be thinking of you all. It's an exciting adventure and I'm excited to read about it through you.

    P.S. - Tika is a beauty!

    All my best to you,
    x Deb

  2. Thanks so much Deb....another who feels the way I do, so nice! Our husbands think alike...I think we do too. We will both have faith that they will travel safely home in the end. :)

  3. I do feel for you. Completely feel for you. We had a Great Pyrenees who moved 5 times. The fifth move was when we went to Japan. He went to my SIL in the country in Missouri. It was a fluke...but he didn't make it until our return. It was devastating. Now, we will never buy a large dog. Now we have a Papillon and after this one, I will hesitate to get another pet. I so understand and wish you luck. You are doing the right thing by checking out what the next move will entail and adjusting your plans for that one. Take care.

  4. Sarah..another kindred spirit, thank you. This is always a tricky one. The pet starts out being for the kids and the next thing you know, it's yours. It feels like looking after another child. First we were four, then we were five. :)

  5. ...this reminds me so much of the difficult decision we had to make on leaving Oz for the Middle East. Heartbreaking as it was, we decided to leave our black labrador with a (well-screened) couple on a farm where he could happily chase cows. A day doesn't go by that we talk about him and miss him dearly. It was the right decision for him though and we were left with wonderful memories. Just miss him so much!
    Good luck!

  6. Thank you Ilse...that thought has been on my mind as well. A very heavy thought...x

  7. She looks so confused in the first picture surrounded by all the snow. What a dilemma though. It must be SO hard to leave a dog/pet behind. They are such an integral part of the family.

  8. I understand completely. Even going away for a few day, our lab (Morley) Callaghan, has a difficult time adjusting...very needy when we get home. Just like children;) Will follow your journey, all the best from Canada!

  9. As you can well imagine, this is killing me!
    We toy with the idea of a Scotland move occasionally, but then look down at Edward and Apple and realize we can't leave until we've saved up enough for a private jet.
    I'm thinking of you!

  10. I wish Tika will have a safe journey to Vietnam and then back with you to Australia in the coming years. My dog is 11 yrs old now. He is a pug. He travels around Toronto, Muskoka and to Montreal but we know he is having a hard time traveling in the car but he can still do it. I would love to read your story about Tika's travels. Tika is a jettsetter dog!