Sunday, April 15, 2012

everything and Vietnam

I always find that it is the days following a trip when it starts to sink in. 
What you saw, what you didn't see. 
I loved that everything and anything goes in Vietnam. 
I started to crop this photo trying to find the best composition, 
trying to get the pot out of the center of the image. 
You know what? 
I felt it had to stay as is Vietnam. 
Rich in texture, colour, shape and even sound. 
Hang a teapot, on a wall, in a garden and throw in a a few things to grow...why not? 
It is just a glimpse..of what made me smile on this journey.
This image is from my 'look see' visit to Vietnam, to see what life will be like 
when we move there in July.
I am excited for the adventure...
the heat is a whole other matter. :)
Tea anyone?

image~jeanne henriques
a teapot, hanging in a garden, in Hoi An, Vietnam

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  1. I think this must be an Asian thing, because 'anything goes' in Seoul, too - from driving to clothing to decor! I would gladly trade your heat for the bitter winter we have just gone through.