Sunday, April 8, 2012

From Hoi thought

If you follow me at Collage of Life and you are wondering what I am doing 
with duplicate postings, I wonder myself, but aside from that, 
I am using this blog as a travel journal.

I will record all thoughts about Vietnam in one spot. At times, 
I will write about our Vietnam experience at Collage of Life , 
for it is about life that I write.  
As a result, there will be a bit of 'doubling up' of posts on this blog. 
Apologies in advance for any confusion and may I 
thank you sincerely for following both blogs!

There is so much to I feel about this move to Vietnam 
and what I have experienced so far.
I do not know where to calls for a bike ride, 
a swim in the pool, a bit of reading with 
my book of the moment, A Novel Bookstore by Laurence CossĂ©  
and then hopefully, I will know where to begin.

It is Easter morning at The Nam Hai Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam.
from here I wish you a very Happy Easter!
May the Easter bunny shower you with sweetness. 

Photo by Jeanne Henriques

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  1. I too am an ex-pat, from California. I thought I had enjoyed many adventures in my life, but yours are much bigger than mine! Vietnam has always fascinated me and seems such a land of many secrets and wisdom - and so beautiful! I wish you much luck in your move and happiness in your new home. (And I look forward to reading about it all ....)