Sunday, April 8, 2012

The 'Look See' Visit: day one in Saigon

Writing from Collage of Life....

What a difference a day makes!

It has been a whirlwind 24 hours...from London to Ho Chi Minh. We took
the evening flight with Cathay Pacific which gets a thumbs up from this flyer. 
We slid into our 'pods', set up shop with assorted books, magazines and movie selections 
and got the business of travelling underway. The food was delicious which is something
I can rarely say for airline cuisine. The 11 hour flight into Hong Kong was a breeze
with a quick stopover and 2 hour flight into Ho Chi Minh. 

A very trim and slim Hr. H met us at the airport. He has been living
in Ho Chi Minh for the past six weeks and over that time managed
to lose 10kgs/22lbs. Mrs. H can not say the same for the past 
six weeks...but sees this as a big incentive for moving to Vietnam!

It was stepping outside the airport when it happened...the wall of heat!
The proverbial 'sweater girl'..who is happiest when there is a distinct chill is in the air..
had thoughts which I care not to repeat. Those of you who are of a similar
nature will understand my emotion at that particular moment.

Being one to look for a silver lining in every situation, I started to imagine
fabrics, designs and a dressmaker. It took all of two minutes to think 
through my master plan. I will not be defeated...
I will carry on, in heat (literally), in style!

Speaking of style... we ventured off to 
The Temple Club  in Ho Chi Minh for dinner. I managed this
not so perfect shot from my position on a bar stool.

I loved the decor in this restaurant with it's Indochine/colonial vibe, 
swirling fans and antique silverware. I was besotted with the lampshades feeling 
that my travelling chaise (here) might just need one by it's side. At this point, 
moving to Vietnam is having some serious bonuses to it.

The food was beautifully flavoured..everything I love about Vietnamese food. I finished off
with a passionfruit sorbet that was to die for...just the right tang for passionfruit. I might have
to rethink the sorbet if I am to catch up with Mr. H on the weight scene. 
I will save that thought for another day. :)

As I sit typing away, I reflect on the past few hours. This morning we visited the home 
we will one day live in. I was finally able to put the drawing (here) Mr. H provided 
of the house months ago into proper perspective.  Let's just say his spatial awareness 
skills need some tweaking. Mrs. H is much happier to have seen the house in person 
and think it will do...very nicely indeed. :)

This weary traveller is going to put her feet up but before she does
she sends her very best wishes and thanks for all the postcard requests as
she loves picking out postcards! The hunt for the perfect ones begins tomorrow. :)

images~jeanne henriques

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