Thursday, May 17, 2012

Five Travelling Trunks and a curious dog...

On our doorstep, five travelling trunks and a curious dog.

It is starting, the note taking, the measuring, the clearing, the packing. I have the drill down pat but it doesn't make it any easier. I decided to pull out the big guns and ordered five extra large shipping trunks. Made in England...they are built to last, or so they say.

My plan is to conquer and divide. In essence, these will be travelling trunks for my four children and myself. Mr. H, my travelling partner, already has two...that have not been opened in many many years. Last I checked they were full of comic books, stamps and assorted miscellaneous materials that his mother could not wait to pass on to me when we married. I intend to do the same to my children.

In the upcoming weeks, to the garage I will go, with my children, to determine which of their precious belongings will go into their storage trunk. They have been warned that they will not see said trunk for several years. They are going into storage somewhere in Australia. The plan is to return the trunk to them when they have a place of their own. I still have time up my sleeve on that front. They will know when the time is right.

Once their trunks are sealed, I get to start on mine. Decisions, decisions.... 
If you are as fascinated by these trunks as I am, you can learn all about them here.

image~jeanne henriques

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  1. What a clever idea, and much sturdier than the Rubbermaid containers holding my boys' things in the storage lockers back in the US!
    Good luck with your exciting!