Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In a flutter...anticipating life in Saigon

Our driveway to be.

 Just a few weeks to go before we move...
I am getting excited, in a crazy mixed up sort of way.
Splitting our belongings between a shipment to Australia 
and one to Vietnam is taxing to say the least.

At the moment, it is rain, rain, rain and more rain in London.
It is heat, heat, heat and more heat in Ho Chi Minh.
Let's see..heat, rain, heat, rain..
Wait...there is a rainy season in Vietnam.
This weather has me all in a flutter.
I must move on from that topic.

The pots above were taken by the previous tenant to their new home. 
My job is to replace them.
Now this part of the move, I like!

Mr. H referred to parts of the garden as potential snake havens 
if I add in some of the plants I am thinking of.
Now that part, I do not like!

I hate snakes.....


The weather and traffic... 
someone asked about the traffic in Ho Chi Minh City,
is it really that bad they asked?

You have to see it to believe it!


  1. So exciting Jeanne! We would love to see your new home and garden in Vietnam once you are settled in. Yikes, I don't like snakes too. I understand how the traffic is in Asian cities. I grew up in Manila, Philippines and the traffic there is horrible. The traffic is one thing I don't miss living here in Toronto.

  2. Yikes! Snakes! Stay on the paths;) Looking forward to your future posts, have fun!!

  3. Oooh,.. you're gonna have fun I see Jeanne.. gardening, traffic, expat ladies luncheons, sewing groups, mahjong gatherings, bridge, shopping, may all your boxes be sorted and filled soon.. start writing a journal .. x j

    1. It all sounds good Jean...although I have to say the sound of sewing groups, mahjong gatherings and bridge makes me slightly nervous. I am not very good at sitting still. I was one of those troublesome children in the back of the class, always staring out the window, thinking what I would rather be doing. I have cooking, photography and painting lessons on my list and I am really keen to learn how to drive a Vespa. I don't think I will be adventuresome enough to hit the streets of Ho Chi Minh City..maybe just around the compound. :) What I am looking forward to most is meeting you! :)

  4. Hello Jeanne

    What wonderful adventures are in store for you and I love your list of things you want to learn and accomplish in your time here and don't forget to hang out with some local women and learn the secrets of their cuisine. I am such you have lists of books you are going to read too.

    Snakes are a fact of life and have been around since Adam was a boy and there is room for everyone (says she bravely!! that is my talk to myself to be brave).Keep a big stick by the door and pound the ground as you walk your garden. They do not want to meet you either!!

    Fun and adventure are in store for you Jeanne

    Helen xx

  5. It's so beautyful.I don't think I will be adventuresome enough to hit the streets of Ho Chi Minh City..maybe just around the compound