Thursday, August 9, 2012

The lay of the land in our Compound...

Blue skies this morning as Tika and I set off for a walk around the compound where we live.
I am still getting to know the 'lay of the land'. It has been pretty quiet with people away
for summer vacation. I am starting to notice more people out and about and look 
forward to meeting 'the neighbours'.

Tika has had a trim recently to help her adjust to the hot and humid climate here.
They gave her a feather duster for a tail...she has been waving it proudly.

I wandered out of the compound for an adventure...more on that here.


  1. Love seeing the compound - I've never seen a compound before, but heard lots about them :) Looks like a lovely place to call home. XOL

  2. Oh yay! I had thought at the beginning that "I would love to see a photo of Tika" and there we go! :) My goodness, your compound looks like a resort!

  3. I keep seeing the reference to "compound". Is this like an ex-pat community? We live in something like that here in Sugarland. It is filled with expats from all over the world and most all of us work for G.E.!! I can go an entire day without even hearing English!

  4. I love reading your new blog. You are such a great trouper. I cannot believe all that you have done already. Wow.


  5. it's so beautyful. I like this photos