Sunday, November 4, 2012

Morning Scent..jasmine and gardenia

In bloom, on my front step...
the most heavenly scent of jasmine mixed with gardenia. 
I am in search of this particular variety, a jasminum perhaps?

Or rather,
Murraya paniculata- Orange Jasmine or Jessamine, Satinwood.
I understand it to be a dwarf jasmine gardenia bush.
I plan to get to the bottom of that one.

Either way...
add the heavy Saigon heat to a flowering bush like this
and you are swept away.

On this 4th day of November 2012,
sharing morning scents from Saigon.

Photo by Jeanne Henriques


  1. lovely. What a heavenly scent. The two combined. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just beautiful. I am trying to create a virtual perfume in my mind to understand how lovely that must be!
    Bon Dimanche, ma belle Jeanne. :)

  3. Separately they are both wonderful scents but together they must be magnificent...
    Have a wonderful day
    Jo xx

  4. Separately they are beautiful scents but together they must be a wonderful explosion on the senses
    Have a lovely day
    Jo xx

  5. How enchnting! Scent is often one sense which we overlook, or take for granted. In busy lives we forget to take the time to enjoy the smell of cooking, of the seasons and if we are this lucky - the wonderful plants outside our door! So beautiful. x

  6. A heavenly scent if ever there was one.
    Here, it's apple pie and coffee!

  7. This is just THE perfect combination of scents and such a lovely photo. Have a lovely week. Fx

  8. Leslie in Portland, OregonNovember 5, 2012 at 7:45 AM

    Jasmine and gardenia...enough to make the high humidity worth it! Thank you for bringing it to us!

  9. How delightful! I have the same plant and I just love the fragrance of its blossoms wafting from the garden to my bedroom window - is heavenly. The flowers are ephemeral, however. I wish they would last awhile but I see it more as a metaphor, nothing good last a long time. True? Enjoy. -:)