Friday, November 30, 2012

Historical snapshots...Vietnam

Old photographs and maps. 
Hard to resist.
I walked into a shop in Ho Chi Minh City,
and spotted a stack of photographs tucked away 
in the back of the shelf. 
I pulled it out, sat down on a little stool 
and slowly took each one in.
I selected my favourites.

A snapshot of history..
Photograph of Ho Chi Minh...1951
Photograph of Richard Nixon on visit to Vietnam...1953
Landscape scenes...time and location uncertain.
Map of Vietnam...1976

It's the little things...


  1. So interesting...I have several boxes of slides taken by my dad when he was in Vietnam as a POW interrogator during the Vietnam war (sometime between 67-69)and wish so much he was still here to tell me about all of them...

  2. Hold onto them Caroline..perhaps a local veteran could explain them to you. I am sure many would appreciate your interest. Best wishes...