Friday, December 14, 2012

His and Chateau Mango

I had a pleasant surprise recently.
I discovered that our gardener, Mr. Thuan, 
moonlights as an artist by night.

When he asked if I would like to have a painting by him..I did not hesitate.
He asked for a sample and I gave him a painting,
recently purchased in the local markets.

My painting is on wood and highlighted with gold paint. 
Mr. Thuan, mentioned that he was not able to 
reproduce it exactly but would try his best.
Good enough for me.

We are delighted...
it has a brilliance in colour that speaks to Vietnam.
My first thought...the colour of our home, Chateau Mango.
His and Hers.
Since Mr. H picked the colour of the house..he gets the colourful one.
We will cherish them both.

In case you are wondering...
we call it Chateau Mango because 
it reminds me of the colour of a very ripe mango. 
It was painted in July as a suprise for me. 
I have been waiting for it to fade under the Saigon sun...
No such luck. 

Best wishes for a great weekend from sunny Saigon!


  1. What incredible talent he has! That is truly amazing!

  2. What a marvelous "copy" Mr. Thuan created for you - and yes, it surely does look like Chateau Mango. Your light-hearted expressions of not being thrilled with the paint job always bring a smile as I read about your latest adventures. It most certainly is a color that paints itself vividly in the memory, yet one you will not need to endure for any great length of time.
    Mr. Thuan's talents are artistically showing in your grounds as well as with the paints. Thanks as always for your sharing a view of Vietnam that changes the impressions imbedded in my memories as a young woman.
    Happy holidays, Jeanne

  3. Oh Jeanne how beautiful - what a talent and how dear he sounds - they are so orientally exotic. Hope this finds you fit and well and blissfully happy as your family arrives from all corners of the earth. Happy days my friend.F xx