Saturday, January 12, 2013

Melody of a Vietnam

I spotted this flutist on the top of a building in Chinatown today.
I then wondered about the sound of the flute in relation to Vietnamese music.
I found my answer.

Symphony Consert In Ha Noi Opera House.
HA Noi Conservatory of Music.
Conserto for Vietnamese bamboo flute and Symphony Orchestra

Photo by Jeanne Henriquesietnam, 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cafe art in Saigon...Irene Hoff

Loving the work of Irene Hoff. 
I came across this painting in a local cafe.
You can find more of Irene's work here.

I have been working like a busy bee, 
creating my own Saigon Hit List...
of my favourite places around town.
I look forward to sharing and hopefully passing along
a little inspiration to readers with hopes that you will
 travel to Vietnam one day. 
I think it would be well worth the visit... just saying.. :)

Please excuse while I shift, add and do a bit of 
blog construction work here. I thank you kindly
for reading along...

From a rickshaw in Hanoi...

Hanoi, Vietnam
One of my favourite things to do when we travel to a new city 
is to take random shots...quickly and hopefully. 
Always hoping that I will come out with something that will capture
 the essence of what I experienced.

No matter where you travel around Vietnam, 
you are sure to be totally absorbed by your surroundings. 
It is hard not to be. It grabs all the sense, takes hold and pulls you in.
Willing or not, you will not forget it. 
My advice..if you travel to Vietnam, take advantage of every opportunity.
Seize the moment!

Most times, people pass like the speed of light...
they will give you a  'toot toot' to let you they are coming through. 
You have to be ready at all times.

See what I is full on.
I prefer the bicycle as a mode of much calmer.

I took most of these photos while being driven on a cycle rickshaw.
You do not have to travel far to find one,
they will most likely find you first.

Then again...there is always...bicylces for two. :)

images~ Jeanne Henriques
taken quickly and hopefully
in Hanoi, Vietnam

Travels to The Nam Hai in Hoi An, Vietnam

I thought I would take you on a little weekend break to The Nam Hai in Hoi An, Vietnam.
If you fly into Ho Chi Minh you need only to hop on a plane for an hours flight up to Danang.
Not far from the airport is the ancient town of Hoi An, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
On the outskirts, along a beach on the South China Sea, you will find The Nam Hai resort. 
You will know as soon as you turn into the drive from the main road that you are in for
something special. Can I say it in pictures? I think it says it best.

Any jet lag that may wearily hang from your body will very slowly start to slip
away within the first few minutes of your arrival.

It just gets better and better...

Even when the resort is wouldn't know it.
I love that feeling, don't you?

Whatever your pleasure...
you will be happy to sip along as that last bit of jet lag packs 
it's bags and hits the road.

The Nam Hai offers unobstructed views of the sea 
from every villa and a lovely sea it is.

You can do everything and anything at The Nam Hai
or you can choose to 'just be'. 

I just wanted to be....still..
It was easy to find peace and serenity.

From the moment you walk into your villa..

to the view from the villa...

to the inside of your villa... it all says 'relax'.

As you can see from these photos...I had time on my hands.
I was thinking of you...the possibility that I might entice
one or two readers to visit this wonderful spot in Vietnam.

It could be just what you are looking for.

Not to be missed is a bike ride around the property and into
a garden...The Nam Hai garden.

These curvaceous pots are dotted along the property..
pulling you from one to the other.

Fancy a pot?

Believe it or not, this is just skims the surface of what The Nam Hai has to offer.
For those looking for action, there is plenty of it. If you like to explore, discover, shop,
meditate, create..they have all that and more. We are heading back to The Nam Hai
with the whole family to do just that.

I have so much more to show you but I do not want to exhaust you. 
I will say that the night views are pretty spectacular and the spa and the food...
I will be back with more on The Nam day soon. did I do?
Did I entice you just a little bit to travel to Vietnam?
Would you put The Nam Hai on your travel list?

Just so you know...this is just me being me.
I have not been asked to show favours to the resort..
I just write about things I love and this spot moves me.

Very best wishes for a wonderful weekend...
may you be surrounded by the people you love.

Jeanne xx

The Nam Hai images~jeanne Henriques

Travels to Ana Mandara Villas, Dalat, Vietnam

Travels to Dalat....

We took an hour's flight north from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat ( Da Lat)...
a much cooler side of Vietnam located in the Central Highlands 
where the soil is rich and rainfall is plenty this time of year. 
They call it the "city of thousands of pine trees" for the pine trees 
that wind their way along the hillside and the "city of eternal spring" 
for the mist that hangs over the valleys almost year-round. 

City of thousands of pine trees... Dalat, Vietnam

City of eternal spring...Dalat, Vietnam

We were in major sight seeing mode which involved climbing to the high point of a mountain top to capture the mist around us. I have more photos than I could ever manage to show in one post, 
so for now, I will start with a few of my favourite spaces around Ana Mandara Villas Dalat
the hotel that we stayed in. It was a lovely spot, nestled away amongst the pine trees.

One of the many villas at the hotel....

A view from our balcony (below)..

A musical moment...

A view within our sitting room..I just loved these vintage photographs.

It took some thinking...working out this tub/ was fun trying.

Having moved into a mango coloured home, I was delighted to see
the colour theme carried throughout the hotel...

Sneaking off to the spa below... 

Beautiful for your feet and one for your hands for a heavenly soak.

The view from my seat in the spa...

The food was one of my favourite experiences at the Ana was delicious.

Poolside in the "city of thousands of pine trees"..

 Embracing the mango...lotus style

Afternoon tea...

Lastly....a view through the pine trees.

If ever you find yourself travelling to Dalat...check out.
Le Lai Street, Ward 5
Da Lat, Lam Dong Province

Sending you warm wishes for a lovely weekend...from sunny Saigon.
I hope it is filled with wonderful views!

Jeanne xx

Photos by Jeanne Henriques