Thursday, January 10, 2013

Travels to Ana Mandara Villas, Dalat, Vietnam

Travels to Dalat....

We took an hour's flight north from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat ( Da Lat)...
a much cooler side of Vietnam located in the Central Highlands 
where the soil is rich and rainfall is plenty this time of year. 
They call it the "city of thousands of pine trees" for the pine trees 
that wind their way along the hillside and the "city of eternal spring" 
for the mist that hangs over the valleys almost year-round. 

City of thousands of pine trees... Dalat, Vietnam

City of eternal spring...Dalat, Vietnam

We were in major sight seeing mode which involved climbing to the high point of a mountain top to capture the mist around us. I have more photos than I could ever manage to show in one post, 
so for now, I will start with a few of my favourite spaces around Ana Mandara Villas Dalat
the hotel that we stayed in. It was a lovely spot, nestled away amongst the pine trees.

One of the many villas at the hotel....

A view from our balcony (below)..

A musical moment...

A view within our sitting room..I just loved these vintage photographs.

It took some thinking...working out this tub/ was fun trying.

Having moved into a mango coloured home, I was delighted to see
the colour theme carried throughout the hotel...

Sneaking off to the spa below... 

Beautiful for your feet and one for your hands for a heavenly soak.

The view from my seat in the spa...

The food was one of my favourite experiences at the Ana was delicious.

Poolside in the "city of thousands of pine trees"..

 Embracing the mango...lotus style

Afternoon tea...

Lastly....a view through the pine trees.

If ever you find yourself travelling to Dalat...check out.
Le Lai Street, Ward 5
Da Lat, Lam Dong Province

Sending you warm wishes for a lovely weekend...from sunny Saigon.
I hope it is filled with wonderful views!

Jeanne xx

Photos by Jeanne Henriques


  1. So happy to see some of DaLat. Several of our Vietnamese acquaintances still have family living there. What lovely countryside.

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  3. I enjoyed the climate Dalat, just come here one time that it made me remember. thank Vietnam travel agency gave us one exciting journey