Monday, March 18, 2013

Street Life... Ho Chi Minh CIty...

Sometimes life surprises you. I was standing in a frame shop this morning, waiting on the cost to have a few things framed. I looked out the window and saw this woman across the way. Another typical Vietnamese scene in my day. I was across the road, photographing through glass, trying my luck. It appears, on closer inspection, we were both doing the same...taking a closer look. Later I looked back at the photo and saw the's Vietnam. This will be one of my favourite shots, I am sure of it.

Photo by Jeanne Henriques


  1. This photograph is absolutely exceptional, Jeanne. Wow.

  2. All the colors and textures ... i love it.

  3. Dear Jeanne, this is a fantastic photo. Love it. All the colours, geometric patterns... the print on the wall and even a number on the tree - very modern in a way! It is very often about the right timing. What camera did you carry with you?

    Greetings from Bangkok

  4. Thank you lades...and to Suzie, I hate to admit it but I took it with my iPhone, very hurriedly, while their was a lapse in traffic. I then popped it onto Instagram..and published. I have a Canon 550D and G12..which I tend not to use when I am running around town. I keep telling myself I should but there is always that worry, when you are totally absorbed with the mechanics, that someone will zip by on a scooter and grab it. A regular occurrence around here. As a result, my iPhone gets a lot of use! :)

  5. Iphone?! wow. Sometimes I think of giving up to carry around my Canon. Do you know the app "camera +"? Amazing how you can photoshop in a minute your iphone pics.
    Great shot anyway, and thanks for "admitting" ;-)