Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vietnam, I'm not HOME yet! by Nhi Vo

I was so touched by this Vimeo clip by student, Nhi Vo, that I had to share. I have lived in Saigon for nearly one year and could relate to every segment of this video. In my mind, she has captured the essence of day to day Vietnam beautifully.

I hope she travels home soon...

Nhi Vo writes....
"A visualization of my homesickness. I have been studying in the State for 3 years- long enough to achieve my education goal but short enough to realize that I still miss home a lot. This little motion piece is dedicated to my beloved country- Vietnam. Thanks for watching!"

Senior Thesis produced at OTIS College of Art and Design

You can view it here


  1. Wow! Talk about a talented artist! I love the way you immerce (sp?) yourself in each country where you live so you can carry pieces of it with you when you come home. Can't wait to see what pieces od Vietnam you bring to the "farm".

    1. Thank you is going to be an interesting collection, no doubt about that!