Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chateau Mango and Lotus Tea

Outside our front door...
little sweetly scented miracles blow in the breeze 
each time a lotus blossom opens to the sun.
They leave me breathless and have enticed me 
to explore the health benefits of drinking lotus tea. 
A combination of green tea and lotus leaves, 
it is high in antioxidant compounds. It is known for it's 
diuretic, astringent and calming health benefits. 
Sounds perfect to me.
Blooming at Chateau Mango this week....
fragrant lotus blossoms.

My lotus tea of choice.. Tr√† Sen
found at An Phu Supermarket
Thao Dien, D2
Ho Chi Minh City 


  1. Such an exquisite flower, the lotus. Must look for the tea when next in some Vietnamese shops in Melbourne. The lotus shares its colouring with the beautiful peonies I picked today near Daylesford in Victoria. Then I visited Stonefields, Paul Bangay's house and garden near by. If you get the chance, take a look at his book about this garden journey. (Warning:it does cost $100 but it is superb)

  2. Just gorgeous! on our first 25-degree day (when everything in Central Virginia is still and prepared for winter) it's nice to know that lotus (and peonies) are blooming elsewhere.

  3. I just realized that you have two blogs, or rather three since I saw one more on Vermont. Your lotus flower is exquisite. I have never tested lotus tea but next time I go to the Asian area of Atlanta I’ll try to find it. It sounds delicious. When I passed through London last – during the wedding of Prince William and Kate, I bought a special tea made for the occasion by Twinings called Royal Wedding. It is a blend of white tea with bergamot and rose petals – I like it a lot but I don’t think they make it anymore. Thanks for coming to my blog.

  4. A lovely gift from Viet Nam you sent this chilly (but clear) morning! I have always wanted to see a lotus flower in person, and this comes as close as one can from 7500 (?) miles. Thank you, Jeanne. With a contented smile, Leslie in Portland, Oregon

  5. How lovely - beautiful photos and I can smell their sweet scent from here! F x

  6. An intricate as well as delicate flower. I think Georgia O'Keefe would have loved to paint these interesting pedals in all its detail. Just so beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing Jeanne.