Saturday, December 7, 2013

A test of skill...the sidewalks of Saigon

I consider myself an optimist, looking for the positive in every experience. But there are times when I am simply confounded and bewildered. It has to do with the sidewalks around Saigon. It sounds like I might be exaggerating when I say there are times you take your life into your own hands..but you do. 

You need a strategy... and a roving eye and possibly eyes in the back of your head. The sidewalks are not just for walking, they are a test of skill, requiring careful consideration as you navigate through and around them. Your safest bet is to keep your eyes on the surface of the sidewalk. Potholes, cracks, turned over stones and asphalt are common place. It can me a landmine of surprises down some side streets. 

Then again, you might not find any sidewalks at all.
Our morning walk today was a 
'reach out and touch someone' 
kind of experience.

When you see a large, clear open sidewalk...
do not let your guard down!
Just when you think you are in the clear...
someone comes zooming up the sidewalk.

 It is an obstacle course and a fascinating one.

Every corner, every sidewalk presents something new.

In Saigon,
you walk around the motorbikes...

fruit stands...


more motorcycles.. 

the barber...

and onto the streets.

You may walk around a pile of dirt...

and the attempts of someone trying to get 
mattresses onto the back of a motorcyle.

Markets overflow onto the sidewalks...

Life happens on the sidewalks of Saigon..
you just have to be prepared for it. 
When you's chaotic and magic.
An unforgettable combination.

Photos by Jeanne Henriques

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  1. I am sure you captured everyday life in Saigon. I love the way women use umbrellas to cast away the sun. This probably ensures youthful skin in their older years. It appears you are keeping a photo journal of your life experiences. I think that is a wonderful way to capture life in its current moment, and also to look back on all your experiences.