Sunday, January 19, 2014

Our neighbourhood ...District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Many of you may have already read my journey around our neighbourhood in a previous post on Collage of Life. For those of you who follow this blog only...the following is a glimpse into District 2, the area that we live in Ho Chi Minh City. I have explored many corners of it over our time here...and each time I always manage to find something new. Like Ho Chi Minh City central, our neighbourhood is forever changing...progress is most definitely in the air.


Around District 2...

Saigon River..amidst the water hyacinth and bougainvillea.

Down by the Saigon river, where the water hyacinth flows and pink bougainvillea gently cascade around is where you will find me, in a pink stupor. I say pink because chances are I will have been walking a distance, red faced from the heat and will be in a trance..most likely because I am lost.  It is a common predicament for me, my children will agree. Ask them my response when we would set off in the car with directions in hand, quickly lost to the highways and byways..."Not to worry, getting lost is fun, we are going to have an adventure". Even better if we were walking..getting exercise and having an doesn't get any better than that.

I am a keen about you? I recently downloaded an App on my iPhone, "Map my Walk" you know it?  If you like to walk, run, cycle..hop down a lane in a hula will show you where you went, how far you went and offer to chart your progress. You can also use it to discover new locations for your tests of prowess and do so alongside your family and friends, no matter where in the world they live. Private or public, your choice. I choose private..because frankly, my results are a tad embarrassing. I do have an excuse for my lack of speed and motion...getting lost is one of them and stopping to take photographs is another.

In my area of is easy to get lost, especially if you have a tendency towards getting easily distracted. Guilty on that count too.

On Saturday, I was happily walking along, 
 and before I knew it...I was lost...

and found myself straddling up to the local highway.
Not exactly where I was heading...but a quick
glance at "Map my Walk" showed me where
I was and the direction home. Love that App!

Seriously...if you walked with me, 
it would require patience. 
I find the oddest things curious.

and feel a special kinship to friend and fowl.

I am not sure which was a more curious sight on this occasion,
me in the pink or this fellow with a sea of colour trailing behind him.
We both had to think about that one.

I stop for good reason..the sights never cease to amaze me.

Villa Song, Saigon

I have been watching this luxury hotel, Villa Song
under construction for the past year. The end result is fabulous.

Villa Song, Saigon

 and a few streets as it has always been. 
I love that about Saigon.

What do you to join me? 
You would have to be prepared to get lost, 
take lots of photos
and have  "Map my Walk" raring to go.

Oh..the adventures we would have!

Down by the Saigon where you will find me.


Indeed it is!


Photos by Jeanne Henriques


  1. Just download the app - thank you for the reco! Lovely area to get lost in, you lucky girl :)

  2. You walk in such exotic surroundings – just the flowers and plants alone would be worth it to me. I really enjoyed your walk. It made me think about “Walking Meditation” by the Vietnamese Buddhist monk who lives in France - Thích Nhất Hạnh.