Sunday, January 19, 2014

Preparing for Tế colour

It is unmistakable and undeniable...
"Tết", the Vietnamese New Year is in the air.
Tết symbolises the "Feast of the First Morning of the Day", 
the arrival of spring based on the Vietnamese calendar. 
It is a holiday like no other and the Vietnamese 
do a very good job of making the most of it. 

Saigon is in bloom both in flowers and smiles.
It is a riot of colour at every turn. 
The preparations are long and homes, preparing food, 
tucking away money for gifts 
and taking out your very best to say welcome. 

You can feel the joy in the preparations.
Add to this the parades and dancing dragons 
and spectacular fireworks
 and beating drums...and a whole lot more. 
It is time to eat, drink and be merry..
and sing karaoke...loudly and proudly.

 Along with Tết, our compound celebrates
25 Year of Development, a proud day 
for all of those associated with An Phu Compound. 

 DurinTết,  expat life around Saigon is pretty quiet. 
As the Vietnamese retreat into celebration 
mode so do the shops, restaurants and services around the city.
The local buzz is discussing 
where everyone is off to during the Tết holiday.

You can't help but be excited..
it is a wonderful time of year in Vietnam.
Tết holidays 
January 30- February 4, 2014

 Photos..J. Henriques

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  1. Such colorful dragons and giant flowers! we really have nothing like it, except maybe Mardi Gras. Would love to see it live, but your photos give a great appetizer. thanks.