Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New directions... #expatdiary #vietnam

On my first visit to Vietnam, nearly two years ago, my predecessor (the woman who lived in our house before us) kindly passed me her mammoth business card file book. All she said was "you will need this". I was mightily impressed. The cards were categorised and marked, explaining the obvious English.

I still have that book and used it frequently until I started to venture out on my own. You would think, I would do the same, file them neatly away, by category. You would right. Unfortunately, I didn't think.

So here I sit, tackling my own mammoth business card file. I feel like the little kid who sits down on a warm summer's day and decides to separate her M&M candy collection by colour and then discovers that they have melted into one big mess...the M&M signature...barely visible.

I persevered and thought of this blog and what it has come to represent these past 18 months. My original intention was to keep a daily blog of events. Unfortunately, I have one blog too many and it has not worked according to plan. I often wonder what to do about it. It dawned on me as I sorted and sifted that the answer was right in front of me. 

Readers often write to me with questions and as time goes by it is a more frequent occurence. The questions vary...

Some readers live in Vietnam and are looking for tips.
Some used to live in Vietnam and want to stay connected.
Some were here during the Vietnam War and read vicariously.
Some are planning a trip and would like suggestions.
Some are thinking of moving to Vietnam either for 
the firsts time or coming back after a long hiatus.
Some are travelling solo, some with a family.

It has been a fascinating journey...
researching and answering your questions.

With your questions in mind, 
I plan to make some modifications to this blog to allow readers
 to find what they are looking for.  
I thank you all for your interest!

Before you go, have you seen the movie
  Owl and the Sparrow by Stephane Gauger?
If you enjoy foreign films and want a glimpse 
into the Vietnamese culture, see this movie. 
I loved it!

view here


  1. Thank you, for so much; this time especially for the movie tip. Had not heard of it.

    1. You are very welcome Joan..I hope you can find it! ;)

  2. I rarely watch movies made in the U.S. anymore...there often is so much more heart in "foreign" movies. I will look for "The Owl and the Sparrow" and, if it's not already slated to come to Portland, ask our neighborhood theatre to show it. Thank you, Jeanne P.S. Your plans for this blog sound long as you continue to tell us stories about your life in Vietnam!