Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ooh la la..exercise in Saigon

Poolside aquafit

"Oohh la la..let's exercise"
There is only one person who can say this without getting 
a shrug from me and that is Caroline from aqua fit. 
Caroline is French and has to be one of the most enthusiastic
and energetic people I have come across in Saigon. 

I call this class my "French Connection" for it seems
that nearly everyone in the class is French. 
Caroline calls out
" un, deux, trois, go, go, go"
and we all peddle to the max.

I love this class...
the bicycles are in the water.
We spin, we sprint, we paddle,
we push, we pull, we jump, we run in place,
we work hard..all in the comfort of a pool.

If you live in Saigon and would like to
try this class (and I recommend that you do)
You can contact Caroline via the details below.


  1. Now that is GREAT exercise! With the water resistance, you get so much more benefit than if you were riding the bike on dry ground. My favorite exercise is in the water...intense deep-water aerobics if it's going to be class exercise. But I would love to ride a bike in the water, particularly when it's hot and/or humid. The photograph is so appealing that I just want to jump into it! Well done, Jeanne and Caroline, from Leslie the Water Lover, in Portland, Oregon

  2. I love my spin classes, however, how I wish they were in the pool. That must be great, being that there is little or no stress on the knees, ankles etc. Thanks for letting us know this can be done. Keep on peddling.