Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Lone Chateau Mango

Shortly before we moved into our home in Vietnam, a tropical storm swept through and uprooted a large fruit bearing mango tree on our property.  We were left with a large stump about 5 ft tall supported by beams to keep it upright.  We took one look and suggested removing it and replacing it with another. From our estimation, there was little hope.

Cries of horror ensued by our gardener, Mr. Thuan, and our driver, Mr. Khai, a gardener at heart. So we listened and let them do their magic in an effort to bring the tree back to life.

I am happy to report that after two years, it is thriving and no longer requiring support.  Sadly though, not a single mango appeared during that time, until this week. Mr. Thaun and Mr. Khai spotted it, high in the tree, one lone mango, growing in earnest. We are all overjoyed and keep a steady eye on our lone mango with hopes that there will be more to come.

Before we move from Vietnam, 
I hope to one day be like
The Lady in the Mango Garden
holding two mangoes.
This lovely painting is by
Vietnamese artist, Nguyen Trung.

I think it would be a perfect compliment 
to Chateau Mango.

Lady in the Mango Garden
Painted by Nguyen Trung
Galerie Nguyen


  1. How very Zen-like that a mango decided to stay alive with you at your home. The tree must feel the tender loving care given to it by Mr. Thuan and Mr. Khai. I think it's beautiful, as is the painting. Wonderful life stories are all around us, if we but look. And I know you do.

  2. As Purple Flowers said, a wonderful life story. Thank you for heeding the gentle counsel of Mr. Thuan and Mr. Khai, and congratulations to all of you on the rebirth of the tree! How lovely it will be if you are painted or photographed with two mangoes, in the garden. When will you move from Chateau Mango? Appreciatively as always, Leslie in Portland, Oregon

  3. This mango tree has a second life and it will bear more mango as time goes by. The painting is lovely and goes so well with your post.