Tuesday, May 6, 2014

When parasites come calling...Vietnam

It took me a while to find an image that would convey my message in the nicest and simplest way possible. Trust me, when you are diagnosed with a species of parasite, which is somewhere in your body, and then go on a google search of said parasite, you are in for a shock. With a case of information overload, I backed out of the image search as quickly as I could and decided to stick with text.

Now here is the thing, a few weeks ago, my very able fitness trainer, asked if I was having regular blood tests for parasites. I wasn't and I panicked...sort of. I have been living in Ho Chi Minh City witha few minor tummy grumbles and count myself lucky. Let's just say I have been knocking on wood, frequently, since moving to Vietnam.

I made an appointment to see the doctor. I asked about a blood test, wondering if I needed it. He asked if I was sick, did I have any symptoms? etc... I said no. He said..you don't need it if you are not showing symptoms. Since I needed a blood test for something else, I asked if we could still order the test, more for my peace of mind than anything else.

Three weeks on, the results are in, the little buggers are there. So...I am sending this message to those of you who live in Vietnam, expats, like me. Speak to your doctor about parasites, ask about having a regular screening. I know I will...from here on out.

My doctor said it is most likely resulted from consuming fish, possibly that was not fully cooked. We eat a lot of sashimi. I am rethinking sashimi while in Vietnam. I am very selective about where I eat and how food is prepared. You have to be. It just goes to show, you never know.

With thanks to Stephane for bringing it to my attention. It is one of those occasions when your trainer  knows best and I am glad he suggested it.

I am currently packing for a four month trip to the USA with a 21 day supply of medication. I have 40 boxes to contend with. I think a re-pack is in order. Dratz!

If you would like to prepare for a trip to Southeast Asia, you can start here .


  1. Hello Jeanne

    I am breathing a sign of relief to know you have had the blood test and now the medication.
    How smart of your trainer to suggest the test.
    I am looking forward to reading about your upcoming trip to the USA and know you will have a wonderful summer

    Helen xx

  2. Yikes! What parasites specifically? Ugh. Do I even dare ask?