Friday, November 14, 2014

A love affair...with Vietnam

It is so easy to have a love affair with food in Vietnam. Since moving to Vietnam nearly two and a half years ago, we have had it at least five out of seven nights of the week. All your senses are on full alert from the moment you first contemplate a menu. Walk through a Vietnamese market and you will fully appreciate the feeling. The sights, sounds, scents, touch, taste..they are all there, some exhilarating..some surprising...and all of them unforgettable. Just give me a stick of lemongrass, a whiff of lime, a crunch of Vietnamese mint and I will be beside myself with joy at the possibilities.

I recently had the chance to share it all with a friend, Paula, who asked to see "my" Saigon. She was coming to Saigon for a few days, post business trip, and said she wanted to experience the "tales" that I write and speak of. It was a challenge I wholeheartedly welcomed as I knew it was going to be  easy. I had a feeling that no matter what I suggested, she would be up for it...and she was. Best memory was when we were both on the back of a Vespa, riding side by side in Saigon, grins as wide as can be as she exclaimed "Amazing! I love this!". I was on the right track...and suggested if she loved riding around Saigon...then we had to take the day tour to the Mekong. I had done it before and loved it...especially the mussels and little pipi's in the photo above. We sampled, we sipped and both exclaimed at the same time when something was delicious...always a wonderful feeling when you share the same enthusiasm for travel and food with another.

If you plan to travel to are a few of my favourites.

I have tried a few cooking classes around Saigon 
and this is my favourite.

I highly recommend both. We took the day trip around the city
with XO Tours and the Mekong trip with Vietnam Vespa. I have also
taken the day trip with Vietnam Vespa around Saigon and thought it was great. 
You can not go wrong with either. 

I am partial to the spa treatments at the Hyatt.
 I know I can always count on them for offering
a great experience every time. 

As for the food...there are so many great options.
 I have listed a few here.


  1. Both of my SONS have been there as it was a PORT on SEMESTER AT SEA.I doubt I will ever get the chance to see for myself..........will LIVE IT through your gorgeous photos JEANNE!I can't believe you drove a VESPA there!!!!!!!!!!XO

  2. What a wonderful treat Jeanne! I loved every moment and the food was fantastic. What a great way to see the region via an experience and adventurous guide. Can't thank you enough.

  3. I would love to explore Vietnam one day, and I do love Vietnamese food. This is a wonderful post and would be visiting again to read your posts.

  4. Hi Jeanne,

    I am glad that you are enjoying staying in Vietnam! I also have just shared some of my thoughts about being an expat in Vietnam here: Hope that we can share something in common!

    Hope you all the best in Vietnam! I am Vietnamese expat living in Malaysia. In case you need anything from me, please feel to contact me!



  5. Hi,
    I'm thinking to live in Vietnam for a year to change the air, imbue my in their culture and break with my actual routine. I'm independent translator and I have many happy and loyal clients, so it I can work in any place in the world with internet.
    I like nature, sailing, reading. I consume tons of silence, makes me happy :)
    I don't want to be travelling like a tourist during this year, so my plan is to rent a place that will be my home during the entire year. Eventually I wish to visit on some weekends other places in Asia: Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, other places in Vietnam, Hong Kong and China.
    My wish is to live alone with my wife in a place near some river, beach or sea, with kitchen (I like to cook every day, this make me feel in home), minimum confort. Nightlife is not for me, I prefer family lifestyle.
    Can you recommend me some cities in Vietnam to do this?

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards from Argentina,