Monday, February 2, 2015

Hanoi in the Pink, Vietnam

I was in Hanoi this past weekend.
Grey and rainy weather could not overshadow
the beauty on nearly every street corner, shop and home.

The Vietnamese are getting ready for the Tet holidays.
 Commencing February 15, 2015

Pink peach flowers are the celebratory flower in Hanoi,
the first sign of spring and symbol of good luck.

It was wonderful to see...Hanoi in the pink.

On bicycles..

and along the curbside,
peach blossoms are for sale everywhere.

 I spotted this lovely stylish woman 
waiting for a bus,
peach blossoms in her arms.

If you visit Hanoi 
this time of year
be sure to have a wander 
and bring your camera.

Find a busy street corner,
hold on tight to your camera
and wait for passing traffic.
Be will not want to miss 
a single peach blossom. 

I was tempted to purchase a bunch for myself
but decided they might be unruly 
in the overhead storage on the airplane.

The pink peach blossom is a specialty 
in the northern areas of Vietnam.
The climate is cooler and more suitable.

If you travel to Ho Chi Minh City 
during the Tet holiday,
be prepared for happy faces of sunshine.

Either way, you are in for a treat!

Photos taken on my travels..
Jeanne Henriques

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  1. Peach blossoms would certainly be welcome in the States right now - cold and dreary everywhere. Glad you got to enjoy them.