Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Things are looking up....

December 7, 2011..

When Mrs. H asked Mr. H for a synopsis of what life in Vietnam would be like....

"Big house, will fit all of our stuff including my PNG art. Lots of lawn, Tika will be happy, pool with Jacuzzi, Claire will be happy. 4 bedrooms, new kitchen. Very secure and large compound with over 100 houses and large appartment block. Your bike can live here, Jeanne happy. Very quiet cherry tree lined street. British, Australian and IB school within walking or bicyle distance.
What else do you need to know?"


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finding France in Vietnam

Note to Self: Must check out this book by Luke Nguyen and 
brush up on my Vietnamese cooking.

From Amazon UK

Product Description

"Indochine" sees Red Lantern's Luke Nguyen revisit his beloved Vietnam and seek out the food and cultural remnants of this former French colonial empire. On his regular visits to Vietnam today, Luke is often struck by the appearance of people wearing berets, speaking French and the aromas of coffee and butter emanating from cafes and patisseries. The recipes and accompanying stories showcase the French influence upon Vietnamese history and cuisine. Against a backdrop of grand colonial hotels, bars, restaurants and terraces, to private estates dressed in antiques and textiles of the period, Luke talks to chefs, bakers and family members to extract the very essence of French-Vietnamese cuisine. From coffee and croissants at breakfast to high tea and supper, Luke unravels the origins of Vietnamese dishes such as pho, which began life as a 'pot au feu', and experiments with new versions of traditional Vietnamese food. "Indochine" appeals to lovers of French, Vietnamese food and travel alike. This title is from the author of best-selling cookbooks "Secrets of the Red Lantern" and "The Songs of Sapa". It features vibrant food photography shot entirely in Vietnam and more than 100 regional recipes showcasing Vietnam's French culinary roots.

About the Author

Luke Nguyen opened his award-winning restaurant, Red Lantern, in 2002 with his sister Pauline and her partner chef Mark Jensen. Luke's TV work includes Food Safari and Heat in the Kitchen, and he currently hosts his own cooking show, Luke Nguyen's Vietnam.

Other books by Luke Nguyen

Radio interview with Luke on ABC Australia on 8 November 2011 HERE