Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Colonial Charms of Vietnam with Cape Lux Travels

Seek and you shall find...

Nam-Hai Sunset

I have been finding inspiration for our move to Vietnam in many areas since I last wrote 
but none compares to the wonderful blog and website of Jean Wethmar @ The Cape Club.
When Jean wrote about the colonial charms of Vietnam, I admit, I was hooked.

 Jean is an inspiration. 
She has created personal tours of Vietnam, tailor made to suit your interests. 
Jean provides all inclusive, escorted, Concierge Travel Services for the high-end traveller. 
Small groups (8-14) are filled with like minded travellers...who love to travel, explore 
and make the most of a travel experience. 
You can read more of Cape Lux Travels vision here.

If you have a mind to travel to Vietnam one day, I encourage you to explore Jean's website and blog...
I promise you will not be disappointed. I subscribe to her posts and I have enjoyed each and every one.
You can click on the links below to discover Jean and the wonderful adventures
that are waiting for you...

From the Blog

Seek and you shall find...
The explanations to the photographs below are
available to you on Jean's website.

Images and references from The Cape Club websites noted below.