Saturday, March 24, 2012

Travels to Vietnam via London

I travelled to Vietnam via Daunt Books in London yesterday.
This has been one of my 'must see' bookshops in London
and I was not disappointed. Of all the bookshops I have visited, 
I think Daunt has the most extensive reading on Vietnam.

I took a quick snap of the shelves for 'in home' investigation.
As I do, I will add them to my Vietnam Inspiration shopping folder.
The shopping folder is via Amazon USA. I use it as a reference tool.

  Some I buy on Amazon UK and others I buy along the way. 
On this occasion, I picked up...

I am off to Ho Chi Minh City in two weeks. 
Time to start planning. So glad I created this blog!
It has already been an invaluable resource tool for me.
I hope someday, it proves to be the same for others. 


  1. Ooh.. sooo exciting for you Jeanne.. I am so envious.. Happy packing and sorting out..
    Here's a few of my recommended excellent V'nam books to be added to your 'in home' investigations..
    To Vietnam with Love - Kim Fay (A Travel Guide for the Connoisseur) 5stars
    The Unwanted - Kien Nguyen (A memoir of childhood)
    An amazing read.. 10Stars plus!
    Vietnam - Hidden Riches of a Magical land Jochen Voigt.. - amazing info FILLED book with superb pictures - Be sure to get a copy of this one..
    Travel well.. stay connected.. waiting for news from Saigon.. x j

  2. Daunt bookshop my fav in London. Is the picture the one in Marylebone High Street? It just looks much bigger than I remember it.

  3. Dear Jeanne, Thank you so much for featuring my book, "To Vietnam With Love," on your blog. I am passionate about Vietnam (I have also written a culinary travel book entitled "Communion: A Culinary Journey Through Vietnam"), and it thrills me whenever I encounter someone who feels the same way about the country that I do. Have a wonderful trip! Best, Kim Fay