Monday, March 19, 2012

Vietnam Vespa Adventures

Photo: Jen and a Camera on Flickr | License

I ..SO.. want to do this when we move to Ho Chi Minh. 
I wonder, will I be brave enough?
Read all about it: Vietnam Vespa Adventures

Love this one...


a seat for two...perfect!


Join me for a little VESPA LOVE  here


  1. If anyone can do it (especially me on a large motorcycle) you can do it! I suspect you are very brave x

  2. Do it! I love vespas. I would't miss a chance to ride one anywhere.

  3. Go for it! I rode a Road King(Harley) for 10 years across most of North I am riding a yellow Vespa with plates BusyB:) They are sooooo fun; the only problem is that my daughter wants to get her motorcycle license...ahhh!

  4. Please never be so brave and drive it by yourself, it's dangerous enough as a pillion passenger. I know what I am talking about with all the consequences.