Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A passing glance in Da Lat, Vietnam

I caught her in a backward glance...moving towards me. We were 
wandering along the street in a local village in Da Lat. As she approached
I could hear her mother calling to her. I did not understand what she was saying,
but I knew from the sound of her voice that she was calling her back.
I don't think she could help herself, she was as curious as I was.

It was a passing glance...and it spoke volumes to me.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The lay of the land in our Compound...

Blue skies this morning as Tika and I set off for a walk around the compound where we live.
I am still getting to know the 'lay of the land'. It has been pretty quiet with people away
for summer vacation. I am starting to notice more people out and about and look 
forward to meeting 'the neighbours'.

Tika has had a trim recently to help her adjust to the hot and humid climate here.
They gave her a feather duster for a tail...she has been waving it proudly.

I wandered out of the compound for an adventure...more on that here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Taking Note....August 1

One week on since arriving in Vietnam and I have a few things on my mind.....

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon? 
Vietnam or Viet Nam?
Which one is correct? 
Both are used frequently in Vietnam.
Billboards, newspapers, books, magazines....
 I asked our driver which is correct, HCMC or Saigon...he
said he prefers Saigon.  I have decided to use all of the above.

The days are streaming by and I keep meaning to write a daily journal.
 It has turned into a booklet filled with random thoughts and words...
something to hold onto for a future date. I have a feeling that day may never come. 
Today's notes looked something like this...

August 1...

Visit to Medical Center for some tests...was directed to changing room.
In the midst of changing, I heard someone behind a door and sensed I was about to have company.
I changed in a flash, just in the nick of time. A man came out in a dressing gown 
holding onto his clothes. He looked as surprised as I did. There is a first time for everything.

Visited Diamond Plaza departments store and discovered not one item
of clothes would fit me. It is true when they say you should either have your clothes
made or buy them overseas. Great spot for picking up accessories, perfume and make-up.

Serious discussions over a garden today as Mr. Khai, Mr. Truan and I planned 
where each plant would go. We have colour lift off.

Tried out another masseuse today who has extreme promise. Last week, I was fit
to be tied...I felt out of sorts after a deep tissue massage that left me feeling wasted.
Today...I feel surprisingly light and relaxed. I think I found a gem.

Off to my first yoga class in the morning...feeling zen already.

Can't wait until my bicycle arrives in a few weeks time. I have been
planning my route. Tomorrow I will start walking it. 
The back streets of District 2 are fascinating.

My daughter and I depart for the USA in two weeks time to settle
her into her first year of college. The moving company announced today that
our container should arrive next week which would put delivery on or about
the day we leave for New York. I need a plan.

On that note... I am signing off. 
My night time reading awaits.

For a few pages, I will leave the heavy night air over Saigon 
for the cool fresh sea breezes off the coast of Maine

More on my garden center excursion around Saigon....