Thursday, October 4, 2012

Le Cong Kieu St- Saigon

Just in from a 10 day trip to the USA and slowly sliding back into life in Ho Chi Minh City. There is a process to arriving in Vietnam. After doing this a few times...I have decided you must take in Vietnam very slowly...the rush, rush, beep, beep of the city will come soon enough. One has to accept the heat, let in envelop you and take you on it's course.

Everything has it's time and place in Vietnam...

Before I left, I took a quick browse through what the local expats call 'Antique Street' and the local Vietnamese call Le Cong Kieu St, Saigon.

If you are confused about the use of 'Saigon', I was too, at the start. The city is separated into Districts, 24 in total. There are seven named urban districts, seven numbered districts and five suburban districts. I live in District 2, where many expats live. Life in the central city, in the day of Saigon, was predominately in District 1. I have been told (by Vietnamese) that many local Vietnamese still refer to District 1 as 'Saigon'. Our driver, Mr. Khai, never refers to Ho Chi Minh is always Saigon to him. Ask anyone and you may here a different version of this sounds good to me.

Le Cong Kieu St is small and filled to the brim with shops, butting right up against each other. I was a bit frustrated as I discovered that there was similar merchandise in every single one. Will you find 'antiques' on this street? could, if you had a specialist with you. Would you find mostly reproductions?...most definitely. Bargaining is essential and I had little time on this trip. I wanted to take in a quick 'look see' to determine if it was worth coming back to....I decided it was.

Apologies for the shots...iPhone is not ideal when you are snapping pics on the move.

and because I am easily distracted.... I can never resist a bicycle pic.
Fortunately for me...there are plenty to choose from in Saigon.

More on Le Cong Kieu

Photos by Jeanne Henriques


  1. Welcome home Jeanne, in Portland Maine for a business meeting and nearly popped of 95 today when I saw the sign for Kennebunkport... thinking of Snug Harbor Farm, and their lovely succulents. Perhaps on my way home Friday. Enjoy your local browsing and shopping. Sometimes reproductions are a great way to establish a collection of memories... even without the patina of age.

  2. Helle Jeanne

    Welcome home to Saigon District 2. The antiques look interesting and I will look forward to reading of your discoveries. I love the image of the bicycle too.

    Hope you are over your jet lag.

    Many thanks for the link at the top of your page.

    Helen xx

  3. Welcome back! The antiques and furniture a in those shops n Saigon are so beautiful! Very classic Asian.

  4. I would really go gah-gah in those antique stores. We adore Asian antiques and so much of the style is mixed in with our regular furniture here. I would have a hard time passing up that screen (possibly our bedroom) and those 3-tiered black (meal containers?) would make excellent accessories next to furniture! I was a bit confused by Saigon vs. Ho Chi Minh too. I figured it had to do with which ever political history affected one the most. Poor Vietnam with such violent and extreme takeovers.

  5. Ah, I miss those markets. I loved bargaining. And it will always be Saigon to me.


  6. Ah, I miss those markets. I loved bargaining. And it will always be Saigon to me.vietnam cambodia laos tours

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