Thursday, November 1, 2012

The road from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay

There was a brief idyllic moment on the drive from to Hanoi to Ha Long ...
all four hours of it, when I thought how lovely....
we are out of the 'toot toot' of the city onto greener country pastures. 
As I said, it lasted about a moment...ok maybe five. 
From that point onwards it was fast and furious...playing 'dodgem' to oncoming traffic. 
The 'toot toot' of motor scooters which by that point was music to my ears 
was replaced by the continuous honking of trucks and public buses on the move...
and yes, the silver car below...was going for it..they really thought they could pass that bus. 
The miracle of miracles..they all just managed to get by. 
I on the other hand, had completely worn the leather seat beneath me, 
gripping on for dear life. I did not let go...on the ride up to Ha Long 
or the ride coming back to the dark. 
You do not want to hear about that me. :)

Would I advise you doing the same?
Yes..but take a tranquiliser first, preferably a large one.

Was it worth it? 
Without question.

Ha Long Bay (or Halong) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
 featuring thousands of limestone rock formations. 
Many are covered in lush tropical plants and contain enormous hollow grotto's.
Fishing villages consisting of floating houses are dotted throughout the islands.
It is a way of life, like no other I have seen.

That's never ceases to be amazed.

With the sun moving in and out of the clouds..all the way to sunset.


images~jeanne henriques


  1. Beautiful shots Jeanne, so tranquil after such a harrowing ride.

  2. always so glad to see your photos. am trying to replace the news footage of Vietnam from the war of my youth with the beauty of the country it is now. returning friends told me it was gorgeous country, but its still so difficult to reconcile in my mind. your journey is helping. thanks.

  3. Brilliantly captured Jeannne.. well done! ps ..did you 'do' the Emeraude?.. hugs j

  4. This photo exploration shows some most magnificent scenery - the waters, the islands, the mountains, the fog, the colors changing in the light...Jeanne I am so appreciative of your taking the challenging ride to be able to see and capture for us this incredibly luscious landscape.