Sunday, December 16, 2012

A night of Tchaikovsky in Saigon

The Municipal Theatre of Ho Chi Minh City 
is also known as the Saigon Opera House.
It is in the heart of the city on Donh Khoi street. 
If you travel to Ho Chi Minh will be
hard to miss.

I admit I wasn't sure what to expect and I walked away 
pleasantly surprised. The Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera 
was outstanding. Accompanying the Orchestra, were visiting artists..

Cello: Filip Tomic
Piano: Boris Kraljevic 

My favourite from the evening..
Variations on a Roccoco theme, op 33. for cello and orchestra
Love the cello!

Views from the front stairs of the Opera House..

 The theatre is small and simple compared to world class stages.
No matter, when they started to play, it was pure enjoyment.
Close your eyes and you were transported to Carnegie Hall.
A night with Tchaikovsky..a night to remember.

Variations on a Roccoco theme, op 33. for cello and orchestra
Cello performed by Yo Yo Ma

Photos by Jeanne Henriques


  1. Holy cow! What happened to the Hotel Continental? Oh, that makes me bummed if it has been spruced up. I loved its decor before. :( But I am happy that you had such a wonderful evening and now know you can have such fine cultural offerings so close to Le Palais Mangue!

  2. Totally not what I imagined that the opera house in Vietnam would look like. You know, like any other in the world! Glad you had a good evening. Nothing like starting the holiday season with a great concert of beloved music.