Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday in Saigon...full of rain

 We are flourishing...literally. 
The rainy season is upon us with skies that are crackling
and roaring with thunderclaps that has our dog, Tika, in a tailspin.

One is a brave soul to think they carry on through it..
for it literally stops you in your tracks sending you into retreat.

The good news...
Chateau Mango is soaking it up...and loving every drop.

If we are lucky we catch a rainbow or two.

When the sun feel like you are 
stepping into the Emerald City of Oz.

My affection for lotus blossoms since moving to Vietnam
has grown considerably... 

as has my affection for terracotta pots. 
I often wonder if one can have too many.

Mr. Khai and Mr. Thuan have had many 
proud moments between them recently. 
They have all sorts of experiments going on around the garden. 
I returned from a two week trip to America last week, 
to the tomato plants below which were just seedlings when I left.
I honestly did not think they would grow.
Two weeks on and our veggie patch is taking on new proportions.
I am particularly impressed with styrofoam planter 
and bamboo framework..waste not, want not!

I also admit to having my doubts when Mr. Khai constructed
the wiring below to hold this fast growing flowering plant.
As it fills in, I can see that it will suit my objective perfectly,
which is to create shade from the morning sun. We will soon
be dripping in flowers..creating yet another tropical vista.

Am I minding the rainy season?
Not one least not just yet.
Ask me in another does
carry on for several. :)


  1. 1your climbing plant/vine is gorgeous. Hope to see it again in 6 weeks. Glad you are home safely.

    1. Thanks Webb..that particular one seems to be a slow grower but I could be in for a surprise. :)