Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shopping Ho Chi Minh City: Ton That Thiep Street

Planning on shopping in Ho Chi Minh City?
I just added these two shops to my

When I am looking for laquerware, 
I stop in at  mhCraft  33 Ton That Thiep St.
I never leave without picking up a few things,
great for gifts and keepsakes.

If you pop in a few doors down you will find 
Duy Tan at 47 Ton That Thiep St. 
As you cans see from the fellow sitting outside,
there is plenty to keep a keen shopper busy. 
It is a small store, but you can't help going around 
2-3 times to make sure you have seen it all.

More to see and do 

Michele De Albert (laquerware) 30 Ton That Thiep St, D1

MH Craft  33 Ton That Thiep St. ** Nice selection of laquerware

Celadon Green 51 Ton That Thiep

Saigon Kitsch  (art) 43 Ton That Thiep St. D1**

Duy Tan 47 Ton That Thiep St. ** nice selection handcrafted souvenirs

Dogma 1st floor, 43 Ton That Thiep (above Saigon Kitsch)**

 Temple Club 29-31 Ton That Thiep. St. **a family favourite
Fanny's Ice Cream 29-31 Ton That Thiep **

These are just a few of my favourites..
there is much more to see, 
do and eat on Ton That Thiep St. 
For such small street, it is worh a visit.

tried and true by me
photos taken on a recent visit
Jeanne Henriques

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