Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gardening at Chateau Mango...Vietnam

Chateau Mango, Vietnam

Every once in a while, I wander to the front of our yard 
and snap a pic of the front of our house.
I then go to my computer to compare photos to previous pics....
just to see if the colour has changed.
It never does and I always seem to hope that it will. 
Shades of mango continue to shine.


 The only natural progression is to plan flowers accordingly. 
I recently picked up hibiscus in shades of orange and red. 

I will forever be in love with the lotus flower.

Lotus blossom

It speaks to a multitude of verses.


This week we had another shining beauty. 
I am in search of the name, it has a wonderful fragrance.

I am creating a Vietnamese herb garden. 
We snip from it regularly, a collection of Vietnamese mint, 
betel leaves, kaffir lime leaves and a few others I am trying to translate. 
We do not have a traditional garden...more an eclectic, eccentric garden.  
The betel leaves below are loving their new home.

In our herb garden...

Every day I find another little something hanging from our trees. 
Mr. Khai, our driver, has developed a love for orchids. I love orchids too.
I recently purchased a few books on orchids in Vietnamese for him.
I am letting him run with it, curious to see how he gets on.

Hanging orchids

Mr Khai is also the keeper of the pumpkin plants. 
This is our second attempt.
He is determined to make them work. 
The weather is warming up 
and the rainy season will not be far off. 
I do not hold out high hopes for this one. 

A pumpkin seed takes shape...but will it last?

Last year we organised the climber below to take hold 
and give us shade from the morning sun on our veranda. 
Mr. Khai had a plan and it seems to be working. 
He is a gardener at heart with a clever green thumb. 

 And another climber below, 
under the watchful eye of Mr. Khai and Mr. Thuan.

When we leave Vietnam one day, I intend
to bring memories of our Vietnamese gardens with me.
The paintings below are hanging in my office.
More on Vietnamese art next time....

I leave you with a mini view of passing water hyacinth 
along the Saigon River.
I walk past every morning just to watch it flow past...

Photos and video by Jeanne Henriques