Monday, June 1, 2015

"A Happy Life Begins with a Healthy Life"...Saigon Fitness

Saigon Fitness...
I have been asked to write a testimonial for my personal trainer in under 200 words. I am going to guess that is an impossible task as there are too many positive things to say about him. Seeing that many of my readers live in Saigon or have plans to move here in the near future...I thought I would make this post for you!

Danny Duong of Saigon Fitness

Enter Danny Duong of Saigon Fitness. Danny and I have been working together, three times a week for two months and I am only too happy to spread the good word. 

"I am so happy, you make me so happy"...Danny Duong
Let's start with the operative word for Danny, HAPPY.  Danny is positivity personified. Your success is his success. He takes every comment to heart and totally commits to you. If things are not going to plan and you have an off day, never fear, he will find a way to turn things around and send you away renewed and recharged. When you have a positive result to report...pure's truly infectious. Danny genuinely loves what he does...and because he is so committed, you do not want to disappoint him. A clever motivation tactic if you ask me. It works!

"You can do it!"
When we first started, I was like most enthusiastic clients. I had a 'hit list' and I wanted to start right away. Danny was wise in suggesting we build up to it rather than jump right in. He wanted to assess my skills, consider my movements and build strength to avoid injury. We eventually got there and I am glad we did. 

"Don't wish for for it!"
Danny's workout routine is anything but dull. I can never predict what we will do next. I liken it to  aerobic calisthenics, the military way...we are always on the move and we never leave the room. His counting methods are creative...I say ten he says five. There is no slacking off.  If you are prone to smiling, coughing, laughing or asking endless questions to get out of a few repetitions, he is wise to it. At the end of each session, you stretch. I call it "death by stretching'..and I always feel great afterwards. I still do not know how he does that. 

The "DD" (Danny Diet)
I waited eagerly for Danny to give me the thumbs up to start his recommended diet, tailored to my age and dietary requirements. When I looked at it, I wondered why I was so eager. That thought quickly passed for I was there to commit, so I did. I had to make a few significant changes to my diet but I knew they were the right ones. It has been four weeks since we started the "DD" and I have never felt better. The weight is coming off, slowly but surely, my energy levels are up, I am sleeping better and I feel..happy.  Danny is right, A Happy Life..begins with a Healthy Life. 

Happy, Healthy Life
If you are looking for a professional and committed personal trainer, in Saigon, with a Happy Healthy Life kind of attitude, it is my pleasure to recommend Danny Duong.

Phone: +84 0903 006 988

If you have any questions for me,
 please feel free to write to me

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