Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sharing the LOVE- Aziet Saigon

today for jewelery designer, 
Pauline Portheine of Aziet Saigon. 
I happened upon Paulines jewelery stall recently 
and loved it so much I snapped up a few pieces. 
She creates with 100% buffalo horn from Vietnam. 
A natural byproduct, it is organic, eco friendly 
and what I love most about it, it is light to wear. 

On top of that, it's fun, 
it's quirky and one of a kind. 
Au naturale..just the way I like it. 

If you live in Saigon or plan to visit...
you can reach Pauline via email
or on Facebook here

Note: My Sharing the LOVE series 
is purely a reflection of things I enjoy 
and ones I think some of you might enjoy as well. 
Stay tuned for more, I have a whole lot of LOVE 
to share from Vietnam.

Sharing the LOVE...
from my postcard collection.
'Jarai in Cambodia'
by photographer Thierry Diwo.

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